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Expose timestamps of diffs (in mw.config or otherwise)
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wgDiffOldId and wgDiffNewId hold the revision IDs, but if someone wants to get the timestamps of either revision, they must either query revisions with the above revids or parse the date format (lolno). It would be useful to be able to easily check when either edit was made, whether to know how old one or the other is, how much time elapsed, or so on.

T56619 suggested adding something similar, a wgCurRevisionTimestamp for all pages.

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Instead of adding yet another item in mw.config, it would also help if the timestamp in the page html were machine readable - enclosed in a span tag with a data-ts attribute or something with the mediawiki timestamp ("YYYYMMDDHHMM") in UTC.

Amorymeltzer renamed this task from Expose timestamps of diffs in mw.config to Expose timestamps of diffs (in mw.config or otherwise).Dec 18 2019, 6:20 PM