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Allow users to customise data granularity for edits over time graph
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On the statistics page (e.g., we hard-coded the data buckets for the edits over time graph see ( If the search results data spans less than 90 days, we break it down by day; if between 90 days and 3 years we break it down by month; and for more than 3 years we break it down per-year. This might be frustrating for users who want per-month data for 3.5 years worth of data, or per-day data for 100 days worth of data, for example.

Instead of hard-coding this data granularity, we should provide users with the option to switch between per-day/month/year buckets on this graph.

  • Add radial buttons or a drop-down for Daily/Monthly/Yearly next to the 'Edits over time' graph
  • Use the existing logic to determine the default option
  • If users click a different time option, change the displayed data to correspond to that data granularity
  • Also modify the CSV download for this graph to correspond to this granularity so that data download matches the visible graph
  • Add any relevant tests