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Provide overview of uses of a Wikidata item in Structured Data on Commons
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As a Wikidata administrator, I want to know if an item is used in Structured Data on Commons before I delete it, in order to avoid unknowingly deleting items that are used/needed.

Traditionally, Wikidata administrators have used Special:WhatLinksHere to determine whether a Wikidata item is used in statements on other items or whether it can be deleted. However, with the advent of Structured Data on Commons, it’s possible for an item to have no incoming links on that page and still be used on Commons (because Special:WhatLinksHere is local to one wiki), and such items should usually not be deleted.

One workaround is to search for the item ID on Commons (with no special keywords or anything) – apparently, item IDs (including ones used in qualifiers) are part of the indexed content. (insource:, on the other hand, doesn’t find items.)

T3886 would be a potential solution for this task, but I think it could also be resolved in some other way.




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This task probably needs some rephrasing, because, not being an admin, I was unaware that backlinks are actually warned about on the deletion page itself:

Screenshot_2019-12-03 Delete Q1000736 - Wikidata.png (251×608 px, 21 KB)

So ideally, we would probably warn about uses on Commons directly on this page, instead of admins having to seek out some special page listing the usages.

But then again, the page doesn’t currently warn about client wikis that are subscribed to the item either. So it would probably be better to get some input from real admins here, to find out which steps they usually take to ensure that they don’t delete used items, and at what point we should add information about Commons usage.