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WWT: Display WWT Link in Interface Language [small]
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As a WWT user, I want translations in my designated language to be accurately represented, so that I can understand the labels associated with the tool.

Background: Some of the WWT translations do not appear when you change your interface language. These include pt-br, roa-tara and zh-hant. I think it is because we are naming them in a way MediaWiki does not recognise. For example, I can get pt-br to work if I change it to pt-BR. Although, I tried with the other languages listed above, but could not get them to work.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • The WWT links should be represented in the interface language selected by user

Steps to reproduce problem:

  1. Install WWT
  2. Change your interface language to Brazilian Portuguese.
  3. Visit any article

E.g., you could just go directly to

Expected behavior: Under tools the "Who Wrote That?" link is translated to: "Quem escreveu isso?"
Observed behavior: The link is not translated

Visual Example:

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A fix for this is to ensure we lowercase the language code. PR:

@Samwilson I'm still not able to get this to work for roa-tara. Can for pt-br and zh-hant.

That being said, I don't see roa-tara in the list in, although going to I see the other parts of the MW UI are translated.

I'm not sure why it's not available in preferences; I assume because not all essential MediaWiki messages have been translated for it yet.

The ISO 639 language code for roa-tara is nap-x-tara, or rather I think that x-tara is an invention of MediaWiki itself (x- prefixes are custom ones). Anyway, I have done what I should have done to start with, and switched from pulling the IETF language code from the html element, and instead use the wgUserLanguage config value (which is ISO639)...


This is ready for QA again.

The WWT translations now work for roa-tara (

Tested that it still works for zh-hant and pt-br and a couple of other languages (just in case of regressions).

Version: 60314b4d6d182e87d39fe2cff957b26819b6c2fa and (from Chrome Store).

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I've tested this (see screenshot below), and it looks good. I'm marking it as Done.