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Usability testing
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Prototype link:

Why are we doing this?
We want to find out if the core experience of V4 is usable and make optimizations before we start developing the real thing.

What this prototype is not
It’s not a complete replication the feature Suggested edits, since previously introduced features have been tested extensively at this point. The prototype is limited to new V4 features.

The things we like to find out / observe in usability tests:

  • File page: Do participants expect more information about an image to add tags? Is the information that’s provided sufficient? Goal: find out if quick access to file page is needed.
  • Zoom: How would participants zoom an image? Find out which gesture to zoom images to incorporate: Tap to zoom, double tap to zoom, pinch to zoom.
  • Publish process: Do users realize that they can tap on multiple tags? Do users realize that their tags have been published?
  • New left/right arrows: Observe how users go back and forth between images that need tags. Do they understand the arrows?
  • Language and onboarding: Is the language that we’re using understood? Are users reading the onboarding dialog? Do they comment on it? Could be incorporated as a follow up question too.

@Charlotte Do other things come to to mind that you’d like to find out with this prototype? Feel free to add it to to the description as @dchen is going to prepare a protocol for the tests. Also, please review the language that’s used.

@dchen Would be great if you document your findings here or link to it in this task. Your input on everything here is appreciated too.

Looking forward to see how it’s perceived!

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Sent via email, but posting here for visibility:

Re: publishing, do users expect to see them "published" in a page they can look at, or is it enough to give them a little message their tags were published and to take them directly on to the next image?

As a follow-up after the usability portion is done, I am interested to find out:

  • What do users think this feature is for?
  • Can they articulate why we would want them to tag images - i.e., how we are using their contributions?
  • Can they articulate the benefits to them in tagging images? Why would they want to do this?
  • Do they find the task interesting? Engaging? Fulfilling?