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Explore Section Translation Entry points
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Explore, design and prototype ideas for relevant ways for users to start translating a new section in Section Translation (T243495). The ideas explored are detailed below. they are organized in three groups: opportunistic (users find opportunities as they navigate content), persistent (stable entry points users can always find), and proactive (the system invites users to translate in response to previous actions)

Opportunistic entry points

Users find opportunities as they navigate content.

MT sections for readers.

View prototype (search for guitar)

When a reader arrives to a "short" article with no sections, they can view a panel in the foot with the MT versions of the sections for users to read, and as an invite to expand the article. (switching may/may not have occurred)

  1. new/potential translators struggle to locate translation support options and CX
  2. even previous CX users may not easily find CX via menu options (source)
  3. small and medium sized wikis have many articles that are missing sections present in other wikis, for which translation options exist; therefore, the entrypoint will meet users at a topic of interest, offering an easy way to contribute.

Language switcher

View prototype (desktop version)

When a reader opens the language selector on an article, they can view missing languages (relevant to user) and the option to create an article in a new language with Content Translation. Mobile users are prompted to select a section of the article to begin with.

  1. both new and existing translators search for a translation option near the language options and selector
  2. existing translator workflows often begin at the source wiki where they are searching for relevant content they are interested in translating (source)
  3. we can make pretty good guesses about user languages
  4. via desktop refresh changes, the language switcher is gaining prominence and can surface translation more prominently

After switching languages

View prototype

After the user navigates to another language version of an article, they receive an invitation to expand the article by translating missing sections

Editors begin at source language wiki and manually evaluate gaps in target wiki. This proposal would auto surface the opportunity areas once the editor identifies a relevant source article

Persistent entry points

Stable entry points users can always find

(first/initial) Persistent access point

View prototype

A (first) permanent entry point integrated in the existing menu structures, providing a reliable always available access to the tool.

SX currently lacks a persistent access point; currently only available if an editor receives a link from someone or happens to know how to modify URL (likely also via a fellow editor/word of mouth)

Suggestion filtering

View prototype (linked also from the previous prototype))

Users can narrow dashboard suggestions to a specific area of interest by selecting 'based on previous edits' or viewing 'popular pages'

Editing and translating activity is very topical in nature; editors have topic areas they may focus on. This provides entrypoints tied to those known areas of interest.


The system invites users to translate in response to previous actions.

Notifications for articles you translated

View prototype

Users are informed when an article they contributed to with translation gets (1) a new section in the source version they can translate, or (2) the article gets a significant number of visits in the previous month, which may motivate them to consider translating another section to expand the article further

Primary contributors for certain articles take great pride in their primary contributions to an article and may want to ensure high quality of that article via additional, more in-depth content. Editors are also motivated by providing knowledge to others, and so may be motivated to translate further sections if they know an article is of high-interest to others and their work is providing value.

After a regular edit to a section

View prototype

After a user edits an article, they receive an invite to translate the edited section to other languages they know where it is missing

Leverages that the editor is already at a topic of interest and provides an MT-aided way of further editing

Recently translated article notice

View prototype

When users read a recently published translation, they see a notice encouraging them to review and expand it if sections are missing (happens on article, recently published by anyone)

Motivation for this is largely overlapping with 'MT sections for readers'

Other ideas considered

Some initial ideas from the initial concept exploration and brainstorming with the Language team:

  • After switching language, suggest to add sections that are missing in the destination language.
  • For stub/short articles, show a preview of missing sections (by MT) with an option to translate them.
  • After creating a page (as a translation or not), invite to add a new section by translating.
  • When editing, before the user starts typing, suggest to translate a new section.
  • When searching for a page, suggest to translate if it does not exist
  • When a new section is added to an article, suggest those involved in translations from that language to translate the new section.
  • Show a message on translations that have not been edited further encouraging to review and expand by translating a new section.
  • Newcomer homepage (Growth)
  • Inuka team is exploring external site hovercards. We can explore some integration.
  • Surfacing the impact/appreciation of contribution + invite to translate
  • Think of additional channels: email daily/weekly digest about the above entry points
  • Geolocation-based prompts to raise awareness of local wikipedia with options to expand.
  • Desktop refresh may reorganize the language selection, which may need readjustment of entry points attached, and new possibilities.
  • Consider whether to propose in the above only translation or other kinds of contribution also.
  • Allow readers to report issues with a translation, with options to expand.

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An initial selection of possible entry points has been illustrated in this slide deck.