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Create page with Samarbetsavtal on the wiki
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Create a page with a table listing all of the agreements (the Samarbetsavtal) on the wiki. Divide it per year. Most info should already be in the Diarium. Add an initial description what should be on the page.

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@Jopparn I've created the page now. My reasoning for what to include on the page is sort of this, it's not waterproof:

  • agreements about cooperation are included
  • letters of intent signed by both parties are included
  • less formal agreements, such as agreements via e-mail, are included [1]
  • agreements can be included even if they are VAT-projects
  • letters of intent signed by only WMSE are not included
  • contracts regarding project grants are not included.

Basically, the idea is that it's not a samarbetsavtal if the other party grants us funds but are not involved in the work.

[1] This is mainly Wikimania partnerships. I've included all the partners from the Wikimania wiki, but I don't have anything in the diarium for those that don't have dates one the page. Are most of the partnerships from the culture crawls?