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Provide URL parameter(s) to always load a wikitext editor
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For some use cases that require wikitext editing (ours is T235753), it’s necessary to be able to link to some URL that will always load some wikitext editor, regardless of user preferences or wiki setup.


  • action=edit: May load VisualEditor.
  • action=submit: Always loads an old wikitext editor (WikiEditor aka 2010 Wikitext Editor, or default MediaWiki <textarea> aka 2003 Wikitext Editor), even if a new wikitext editor (2017 Wikitext Editor) is available.
  • veaction=editsource: Loads 2017 Wikitext Editor if available, loads no editor at all otherwise.
  • action=edit&veaction=editsource: Currently identical to action=edit, i. e. VisualEditor / 2017 Wikitext Editor ignores the veaction.

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We should probably make option 4 work (action=edit&veaction=editsource). Task T190765 is a similar problem.

That said, I don't understand why you need this. Could you just link to action=edit and let the user's default editor be used? If the page is unsuitable to be edited using VE, then it should be disabled there in some other way (e.g. using a custom content model, or disabling VE in that namespace, etc.).