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Fold services recommendations into Standards for services RfC
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We recently produced a set of recommendations for our services architecture, and during the process, received feedback that some of them should be captured outside the scope of this effort, to be referred to more generally. There seemed to be some consensus that Requests_for_comment/Standards_for_external_services might be the right place for this. Some initial efforts at incorporating these has been made at User:EEvans_(WMF)/Scratch/Standards_for_external_services (diff). It would be great to get a proper review of these changes though, including whether the structure best represents what the original authors intended, before submitting to TechCom for approval.

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Eevans triaged this task as Medium priority.Dec 4 2019, 7:52 PM
Eevans added a subscriber: WDoranWMF.

It seems that the relevant section of Requests_for_comment/Standards_for_external_services has been moved to Wikimedia services guideline. I'd recommend adding the two subsections (Abstractions: A priori versus a posteriori and Pre-generating page-derived data) under Development policies.

The content itself looks good! I made a few small edits, but I think it's ready for a proposal. One thing to consider: Is there something we could add to the bulleted list under Development policies to represent the new sections? Something along the lines of: "Avoid preemptive caching unless required by service latency targets" and "Build narrow, simple interfaces in order to decouple from non-abstract systems"?

Is there anything left to do/review here?

Is there anything left to do/review here?

It (remains) undone.

It's unclear to me who should provide the review, and whether they are aware of it.
For the record, the new text looks good to me.

By the way, the policy to be modified is at I'm not sure what's up with the additional information on the old RFC page.