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Provide field for Actual Story Points to be captured
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As part of CPT's process we would like to be able to capture both our estimated Story Points and the actual Story Points that we determine at the end of the sprint.

Over time these will likely converge significantly but it is a practice we would like to keep for closing our sprints. We intend to pull this data out via the phab api into an SMW instance to display on graphs.

Would it be possible to add such a field? We would not need it to be display on the task itself and would only need it to be editable via advanced form edit. We are also happy to use our own subtype to keep it separate if necessary.

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Ok @WDoranWMF, there are now "Estimate story points" and "Final story points" fields.

@WDoranWMF: No problem. You should be able to access the values through the conduit api by using the field key

DannyS712 added a subscriber: DannyS712.

I've filed tasks for the other subtypes that currently include an estimated points field but no final points field