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Class "toccolours" not styled
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"toccolours" is a mostly-legacy class assigned to tables for just a bit of coloring, probably from before .wikitable was in core. Now while I would prefer to see all uses converted to wikitables (where possible; I think the class also applies to divs), Timeless should probably set the colors/styles similar to vector/monobook.

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Izno updated the task description. (Show Details)

Do you have a link to some example usage?

This probably applies to all of my skins, bar Anisa, which may actually be the only one using regular monobook interface styles. >.>

Note that this allows users to consistently apply skin-styles to content, and is thus actually somewhat important. In this case, it should be as simple as applying the .box and similar mixins, or adding them to the same list as in content.css.