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Translate extension failing to load translation aids
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When marking something for translation, the last few weeks it's been a common for the Translate extension to not load translation aids: "Failed to load translation aids: Title does not correspond to a translatable message". This happens when one tries to translate shortly after marking it for translation. It has, so far, started working after a while, but is a problem because there isn't always time to wait before test translating it and sending it out to translators – other tasks, or the entire thing having to wait until the next day because one has to go do non-Wikimedia things.

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Unlike the bug where the Translate extension won't save translations, this can't be fixed by making a small edit an re-marking for translation.

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@Nikerabbit Two differences though:

a) I can actually save translations. (While this problem persists, the translation will not end up in the language bar; one translation item will have to be re-translated for it to appear, but they can be saved.) This is not true for T221119.

b) I can always solve T221119 by re-marking. It hasn't worked for this; I've tried upon a number of occasions.

Behavior a) is because of a change I made to make saving possible. As you correctly observe, other problems remain.