Should have a small audio mode
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The player has a very large default width. Especially for audio samples, such as with The old player has a default width of 140px, the new player a minimum of 250px (most infoboxes are in the 200px range).

Perhaps an audio-only mode is an idea, where the player might work more in a way similar to the wordpress plugin for instance. A small form player that expands to fullwidth after pressing the first play.

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There has also been requests for an "inline" audio player, that would be more suited for the pronunciations in articles for instance.

See usecases in:

The idea would be that clicking the speaker icon would play the sound in html5 mode, and for all other users, you would go to the description page (as you would now). (How to link to file description for copyright issues ? )

mdale wrote:

I agree the audio player should have a small audio mode. Assigned to self

(In reply to comment #2)

I agree the audio player should have a small audio mode.

This is still an issue with the new TMH, see e.g.

mdale wrote:

update patch in gerrit the small image players size break down now looks like this:

mdale wrote:

I meant small audio players not image players ... I wish bugzilla let you edit comments!

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