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Migrate / phaseout out CI job phabricator-jessie-diffs
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Description runs on Jessie instances which we have to phase out.

I am not sure whether the job is still used or needed? @mmodell would know for sure.

So either:

  • we delete the job entirely
  • we migrate it to use a Docker container

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hashar triaged this task as Medium priority.Dec 6 2019, 11:37 AM

@mmodell from the build history of the last few builds are from March 2019 for D1144 and D1145. That is for rPHEX.

And eventually that has lead me to . It triggers jobs in Jenkins using the REST API but the authentication is broken due to lack of a token (crumb).

We are supposedly no more using Differential T191182 and thus Harbormaster. So I guess we can delete the job entirely and restore the CI behavior after the git repository has been migrated.

I have disabled the harbormaster jobs. We can delete the associated jenkins jobs and I will set up something new for phabricator tests in the future. Currently I run tests locally prior to pushing commits, as is the norm for arcanist.

hashar claimed this task.

Thanks! I have deleted the job.

I have also deleted:

And I have uninstalled the Phabricator plugin from the CI Jenkins.