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Add explanatory footer to mails sent by the tool
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Emails sent by WatchTranslations lack any information about why was it sent, by which tool and how can one alter email sending preferences. Including those information is a best practice, given it prevents having that email marked as spam.

Proposed solution

Add at least the following information to the email sent:

  • Link to tool which sent it
  • Say "to change your sending preferences, go to tool"

Those information can be a footer, but you are free to put it elsewhere if you think it's better.

Student is expected to upload a patch against labs/tools/watch-translations repository at Wikimedia Gerrit. Student should claim Phabricator task while claiming task at the GCI site.



Event Timeline

Change 557577 had a related patch set uploaded (by IAmNetx; owner: IAmNetx):
[labs/tools/watch-translations@master] Update format for emails, add more info

Change 557577 merged by jenkins-bot:
[labs/tools/watch-translations@master] Update format for emails, add more info

Arcayn subscribed.

Closing as patch was merged