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Use wfClientAcceptsGzip() in wfGzipHandler
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Use wfClientAcceptsGzip() in wfGzipHandler

wfGzipHandler should use wfClientAcceptsGzip() instead of reimplement it itself.
Attached patch does it, and removes the $wgUseGzip check on wfClientAcceptsGzip() since HTMLFileCache (the only wfClientAcceptsGzip() user) already checked that before calling it. This way $wgUseGzip stays applying only for file cache, and $wgDisableOutputCompression for output handler.

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: enhancement

attachment bug 22034.patch ignored as obsolete



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Reverted in r60871. Causes PHP Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING in GlobalFunctions.php on line 1175

Second version of the patch