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Locally override the name of crh from "Crimean Turkish" to "Crimean Tatar"
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The English name for Qırımtatarca in Wikidata is given as "Crimean Turkish", but "Crimean Tatar" is the preferred name in English.

The English Wikipedia page on the language has "Crimean Tatar language" as its title (noting "also called Crimean Turkish"). Ethnologue lists "Crimean Tatar" as the main name, as does the Library of Congress Subject Headings.

CLDR incorrectly uses "Crimean Turkish" and a ticket has been opened upstream; however, they move very slowly, and a local override until CLDR is corrected would be much appreciated.

See more discussion here:

See also T189511 for a similar request for Mediawiki.

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Any decisions on this? Crimean Tatar is a common name, it is used far more often than the so-called "Crimean Turkish", Britannica, Ethnology, UN - all use Crimean Tatar as the main name.

Esc3300 subscribed.

T189511 should solve it everywhere. I'd close this as duplicate once T189511 resolved.