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MediaWiki:Robots.txt has no effect on Commons
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The content of [[commons:MediaWiki:Robots.txt]] does not seem to show up at . It should, shouldn't it? Is something wrong with the configuration?

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It seems [[meta:MediaWiki:Robots.txt]] isn't either. Perhaps because they have a pedia suffix?

Yeah, looks like the relevant RewriteRules are only present in but not in where Commons and Meta are. Sprinkling a few suitably placed copies of

  1. Make robots.txt editable via Mediawiki:robots.txt RewriteRule ^/robots.txt$ /w/robots.php [L]

into that file would seem likely to fix it. (Also should probably do the same for the other relevant *.conf files.)

CCing JeLuF on this -- he fixed bug 15663, so I assume he knows something about this robots.txt setup. ;)

Those files have interesting data, like the non-working ServerAlias, or the robots file name. Why isn't robots.php in svn?

jeluf wrote:

Fixed config for meta and commons.
Added robots.php to SVN.