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Create user quotas for notebook100[3,4] to limit home directory size
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The notebook100[3,4] hosts are periodically alarming for the /srv partition filled up by one or more home directories with more data than suggested. This triggers follow ups, emails, etc.. and it could be avoided simply enforcing a user quota of 10GB space.

Event Timeline

On notebook1003:

1.3G	/srv/home/iflorez
1.3G	/srv/home/tbayer
1.7G	/srv/home/mneisler
2.1G	/srv/home/joal
2.5G	/srv/home/chelsyx
2.6G	/srv/home/neilpquinn-wmf
3.2G	/srv/home/piccardi
4.1G	/srv/home/nuria
5.4G	/srv/home/andyrussg
5.9G	/srv/home/dr0ptp4kt
7.1G	/srv/home/bearloga
7.5G	/srv/home/fsalutari
16G	/srv/home/dsaez

On notebook1004:

1.2G	/srv/home/chelsyx
1.2G	/srv/home/joal
2.0G	/srv/home/iflorez
2.1G	/srv/home/nettrom
2.2G	/srv/home/otto
2.8G	/srv/home/conniecc1
6.5G	/srv/home/ryanmax
7.1G	/srv/home/ebernhardson
7.3G	/srv/home/dedcode
7.4G	/srv/home/bearloga
7.7G	/srv/home/mgerlach
26G	/srv/home/nathante

There are currently two users that would breach the limit, so before taking any decision we should follow up with them to drop/move some data.

About the max limit: we currently have ~130G available for home dirs, so a 10G limit would allow potentially only 13 people to work before saturating, meanwhile a 5G limit would allow 26 people to work before saturating. Since this move could easily end up being unpopular for our users, let's figure out if there is away to move their use cases to a stat box (or if we could add something to the stat boxes to fill the gaps).

The quota support is not in puppet yet, and it might not be trivial to add and T243934 should be the right answer to this problem.