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Cite extension is causing ParserCache split by interface language
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The extension needs ParserOptions#getUserLangObj to render errors, but a side-effect of this function is that the ParserOutput will be specific to an interface language rather than content language. A patch (342e231a224) on both wmf.8 and wmf.10 makes this issue much worse by splitting cache as soon as the Cite extension is loaded (most pages), rather than only when errors are present (very small percent of pages).

We have a fix to backport in SWAT today:

To my untrained eye, it looks like we've already had a large impact on ParserCache hit rate, maybe -10% from the usual:

Update: The drop in hit rate, if any, was more like 2-3%.

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Update: the patch for wmf.8 turned out to be bad, so we're prioritizing the wmf.10 fix for today. Maybe we'll have an updated wmf.8 hotfix ready for tomorrow, but the rewards are diminishing.

On second thought, we're definitely going to try the wmf.8 hotfix again tomorrow. It seems worthwhile, because any delay in deploying wmf.10 would leave us splitting the cache until next Monday at the earliest.

Change 556372 had a related patch set uploaded (by Awight; owner: Awight):
[mediawiki/extensions/Cite@wmf/1.35.0-wmf.8] Lazily fetch user interface language to prevent cache split (take 2)

Change 556372 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/Cite@wmf/1.35.0-wmf.8] Lazily fetch user interface language to prevent cache split (take 2)

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-12-11T19:33:15Z] <awight> Overriding scap canaries for T240426

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-12-11T19:34:04Z] <awight@deploy1001> Synchronized php-1.35.0-wmf.8/extensions/Cite: SWAT: [[gerrit:556372|Lazily fetch user interface language to prevent cache split (take 2) (T240426, T239988)]] (duration: 00m 40s)

This is fixed in master, wmf.10, and wmf.8.

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