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Unknown command INCRBYFLOAT in OpenRefine reconciliation interface
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Quoting @Theklan from T197588#5731306:

I have tried to to this using this Wikibase instance: I find a problem following the instructions here ( with Redis. It seems that there is an error with INCRBYFLOAT.

redis.exceptions.ResponseError: unknown command 'INCRBYFLOAT'

But it could be my own problem!

Which version of redis are you running?

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Redis-3.3.11, running on Windows CMD.

Have you tried with a more recent version (such as 5.0 and above)? 3.3.11 is quite old and might not support INCRBYFLOAT, which is used to compute usage statistics for the endpoint.

Thanks for the idea. I will try, but not soon: I have a good queue of thing to do now.

The documentation claims INCRBYFLOAT was introduced in Redis 2.6.0