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Explore tools for remote pairing
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Per discussion at the recent EngProd offsite, Dan and Brennen to pair on tooling for remote pairing that goes beyond "share a screen/window over Google Meet".

Event Timeline

tmate looks potentially quite interesting - a fork of tmux for easy terminal sharing:

I've come across it before, but either they hadn't published the source at that time or I missed it. It looks like you can now run your own servers, and they offer a docker image.

Yak Shaving Day notes:


  • There's a free tier with 500 megs storage, 500 megs memory
  • Docker containers on Google cloud
  • Selection of languages, basic editor/IDE, a console, a shell.
  • Tried Python - realtime collaboration in the editor & console. The shell not, for some reason.
  • Has language-specific package management, shared whiteboard, etc.
  • Supports git.
  • I was able to run vim in the shell.
  • Limited in various ways but definitely seems like an environment you could use to work on a project together.
  • TODO: Try this during for a pairing session
  • Join the RelEng team on

Tried: -

  • Installable from apt
  • Requires a server, which we don't necessarily trust, but some discussion of setting up a cloud project where people could shell in and running the daemon locally
  • Similar, maybe for future experimentation:
    • Looks like it allows each user to have a pane.

Failed to try: floobits -

  • Has editor plugins
  • This was enough yaks deep by the time I gave up that it doesn't, overall, seem very promising

Other stuff:

VSCode only:
Mac only:
Martin Fowler notes:

Maybe worth looking into a shared GUI with RDP or VNC? Anyway this one seems slightly promising:

webtops is a docker-image that provides serves up a complete linux desktop and makes it accessible from a web browser.