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pybal fails to reconnect cleanly to etcd when etcd is restarted
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When etcd gets restarted, pybal will try to connect again to it indicating its waitIndex: - - [13/Dec/2019:09:52:46 +0000] "GET /v2/keys/conftool/v1/pools/esams/cache_text/varnish-fe/?waitIndex=277743&recursive=true&wait=true HTTP/1.0" 400 163 "-" "PyBal/1.6"

Looking at the response:

{"errorCode":401,"message":"The event in requested index is outdated and cleared","cause":"the requested history has been cleared [278460/277892]","index":279459}

So we should just reset waitIndex when the response is a 400.

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Should I merge this into T169765 @Joe as per ema comment?

Should I merge this into T169765 @Joe as per ema comment?

I'd rather do the opposite, given we apparently never release that change.

Sure :-D. Parenting as both have activity- and technically not duplicates, but should be solved at the same time.

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