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Change descriptions of Saami people in Wikidata to state they are Saami
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The Wikidata descriptions for Saami people state things like <person> = Norwegian politician, etc. These all need to be changed to reflect the Saaminess of the person depicted.

For example, the president of the Norwegian Saami Parliament was described like this still on December 6, 2019:

Which was then fixed to look like this in Wikidata: Biehttar Heaikka Elle Máreha Áili. The wording used in the descriptions is according to the wishes of the community members that we have spoken to about it.

I will add subtasks for each Tabernacle query that we come up with.

If there's an easier way of doing this across all language Wikipedias and starting from a root category of Category:Sami people, please let us know below.

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