"Disable access keys" gadget doesn't work with Vector skin
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Author: trangayesi

The "Disable access keys" gadget does not work with the Vector skin. It works with all of the other skins on the Wikipedia preferences page.

To repeat:

  • Log in to wikipedia.org
  • Go to "My preferences" page
  • Select the "Gadgets" tab
  • Choose "Disable access keys", and Save
  • Select the "Appearance" tab
  • Click "Preview" next to the Vector skin, and try an access key (on OS X, type <Ctrl-T>), and notice that it performs the Wikipedia action.
  • Click "Preview" next to another skin (e.g., Modern), and try the same access key. Notice that it does not perform the action.

Please allow this gadget to work with the Vector skin.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal

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Thats a problem with the gadget in question, not vector. You should probably report it to [[Wikipedia talk:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/removeAccessKeys]]

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