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kubestagetcd1003 alerts daily via email to root@ for 'unexpected non snapshot file'
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2019-12-16 00:10:01.254127 W | snap: skipped unexpected non snapshot file 0000000000001131-0000000016c32fdb.snap.broken

Might be nothing but worth to double check :)

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that host is to be removed pretty soon. The staging and codfw clusters have been migrated to etcd3 and different set of hosts in T239835 and there should be 0 traffic reaching now kubestagetcd1003. I doubt it's worth looking into it. The version is old, the OS is old we just want to get rid of it. I 'll close as Declined feel free to reopen.

@akosiaris I'd just remove 0000000000001131-0000000016c32fdb.snap.broken then to avoid daily cronspam if possible, otherwise no problem :)

vm removed from the fleet. this should a problem no more :-)