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Test /users and /users/<username>
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Each time someone commits to Tracker, jenkins runs automatized test suite. However, there is no test making sure /users/ and /users/<username> at least loads.

Proposed solution

You should write a test that tests /users/ and /users/<username> at least load correctly (ie. returns HTTP 200 Ok). You should include usernames with special characters Tracker supports in usernames.
Student is expected to send a patch for wikimedia-cz/tracker repository, hosted at Wikimedia Gerrit. When claiming task on GCI website, student should claim a respective Phabricator task as well.



Event Timeline

Change 560417 had a related patch set uploaded (by Crutishnyk; owner: Crutishnyk):
[wikimedia-cz/tracker@master] tests/UserProfileTests: Add tests for /users and /users/<username>

Change 560417 merged by jenkins-bot:
[wikimedia-cz/tracker@master] tests/UserProfileTests: Add tests for /users and /users/<username>

IAmNetx assigned this task to Crutishnyk.