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Space request for Communications
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This is a request for the creation of a "Communications" space in Phabricator, visible only to the members added to it.

Due to the reorganization of the Community Engagement department, the former Community Relations team is archiving the "Community-Relations" space, leaving it with access to the former members of that team. There are now two teams derived from the former Community Relations, and this request is for a space to be used by the team moving to the Communications department. We plan to give access to the rest of the Communications members for simplicity, hence the name proposed for this space.

Some tasks in communications and community relations require to be private, usually because they are related to either embargoed information (e.g. while preparing an announcement) or because they touch very sensitive topics that might have unintended consequences if they are publicly available.

I can be the lead for this new space, and I can take care of adding the other users from Comms.

Event Timeline

Aklapper triaged this task as Medium priority.
Aklapper moved this task from To Triage to Administration (UI) on the Phabricator board.

S19 (called "WMF-Communications") has been created.

Notes for anyone to use this Space:

  • @Qgil can add/remove users (who can create and access tasks in S19) via editing the members of #acl*WMF-Communications_policy_admins. Also note that Phabricator admins could also add themselves (this is a fallback for when a team lead has left; we had that situation); if you watched the #acl*WMF-Communications_policy_admins project you would get a notification about such an action.
  • Please do see Displaying and using a Space for more information. For example, a Space is not a project and hence a Space itself does not have a workboard.
  • To create non-pulbic tasks in this Space, use this task creation form: You must set Visible To: Space S19: WMF-Communications to create private tasks only accessible to members of S19 and nobody else, before pressing the Create New Task button.

Notes for myself and anyone technically interested: