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WikiDaheim 2019 banner data for academic use
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In order to provide the context: I chose the 2019 "WikiDaheim" photo competition as ethnographic field for my master's thesis in social and cultural anthropology.

For the sake of describing the size of this "field" you'd help me a lot if you could provide data about the banner campaign which was part of "WikiDaheim" in 2019:

What I'm interested in is the number of impressions of the banner, and the number of clicks/pageviews generated with the banner campaign. If these data exist separately for each week or month, or for geographic regions, or for different wikis where the banner was shown, this, or course would be even better, but I do not want to ask for too much.

Thanks in advance for considering your help, and Merry Christmas!

(This task is written using my "academic" account, whilst I contacted Goran by wikimail using my "private" account, who advised me to open a task on phabricator.)

Event Timeline

@WMDE-leszek Please consider this ticket and help me prioritize. Thanks.
@A00604591 Please let me know if there is a specific time frame for this.

Hi, thanks for adding this task to the correct project.
I assume that the time frame is more limited by the accessibility or risk of deletion of the information than by my own plans: It'd be perfectly fine for me to get the data until the end of February. Best regards!

Hello everybody,

We did not track the 'Wiki-Daheim' campaign because it does not belong the the WMDE new editor campaign program but is run bei Wikimedia Austria. Therefore it might be a bit more difficult zu retrieve the requested data.

@A00604591 I recommend to contact the WMF fundraising team. I heard they have quick access to to central notice data and might be able to help you. (Inquiring via Phabricator is recommended too).

@Verena Thanks for your message. Is there somebody specific you could recommend to me to ask? To be honest, I have no idea whose (of those listed here) job it could be to extract statistics out of central notice banners.


@A00604591 Unfortunately I don't know if that is anyone's job. But a person to contact would be @Jseddon

No pressure from my side, but I'd appreciate a quick note, if there actually are data available that I could use, or if nothing has been saved. Thanx.