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Investigate auto generating LUA docs with doxygen
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According to or can be used for LUA.

Having such a helper included in our doxygen could help us stop manually maintaining a docs page for our LUA code.

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It seems those plugins might not be that well maintained.

There are some tools listed on the LUA users wiki at , but at a quick glance none of those tools have been updated any recently.

I looked at how lua generates its reference manual, they use a custom script "our format" inspired by LaTeX to generate HTML/Latex/Docbook.

At the risk of hijacking this task which is about Doxygen, I am a huge phan of Sphinx which happens to have a plugin to support lua, maybe that can be used instead of Doxygen Might be worth investigating. It supports two syntax:

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Thanks for the links
I think for now I'm just going to close this as resolved as some research has happened.
We probably won't be moving away from doxygen in the very short term.