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XTools Edit Counter Time Card Skips 23:00 UTC
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I believe the XTools edit counter is skipping an hour (23:00–23:59 UTC) when displaying the time card.

Expected result
Typically, it groups edits and displays their relative frequency in 2-hour UTC blocks: 02:00 (01:00–02:59), 04:00 (03:00–04:59), ..., 22:00 (21:00–22:59). I would thus expect that 00:00 displays 23:00–00:59, starting on the preceding day.

Actual result
The 00:00 block seemingly does not include 23:00–23:59 UTC of the preceding day. This is evident because edit counts on XTools are consistently lower for this block despite other edit counters perfectly replicating the other 11 blocks and displaying what should be a high aggregate for the 12th, suggesting that something has been skipped.

Steps to reproduce
Examine my edit count:

Also compare, with these three tools, the edit counts of other users who are consistently active between 21:00 and 03:00 UTC. The same inconsistency should persist.

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So it appears this has been broken since the beginning... the issue was it was only counting edits within even-numbered hours, disregarding odd hours. I have changed it to match the behaviour of the other edit counters, where data is shown for all hours and it also surfaces the average number of edits on hover. Thanks for the bug report!