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Special:Purge on bnwiki is showing blank malformed documentation
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When visiting Special:Purge on the Bengali Wikipedia (বিশেষ:Purge), there appears to be an attempt at showing documentation for this special page, which doesn't exist. Note that these documentation boxes do not appear when visiting Special:Purge on other wikis, such as Wikidata (

A related issue is a link for Special:Purge on Special:SpecialPages (বিশেষ:বিশেষ_পাতাসমূহ, under "বিশেষ পাতাগুলি পুনর্নির্দেশ করা হচ্ছে") being completely messed up:

It is unclear whetherমিডিয়াউইকি:Purge (empty documentation) or (the Bengali translation of the "Purge" text) have anything to do with this; the former has not been edited since 2013, and the latter does not introduce any problematic syntax.

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Problem solved. so, after some digging i noticed a former admin incorrectly imported a template into mediawiki namespace instead of template namespace. I deleted that.

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