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Minerva desktop - issues with Echo notifications counter
Open, Needs TriagePublic


The issues listed below seem to be specific to Minerva desktop - Vector skin and mobile behave correctly.

  1. The notification icon changes even though a notification status is unchanged and notifications themselves are absent.

When there are no un-seen notification, the notification icon changes after clicking and then changes again if a user navigates to a different page:
(click to see the animated gif)

minerva_desktop_changed icon.gif (458×1 px, 255 KB)

  1. Un-seen status is persistent.

The counter displays 7 (in red) indicating that there are un-seen notifications. A user opens to see them - then navigates away and the notifications are display again the un-seen status.
(click to see the animated gif)

unseen_notifications_counter4.gif (722×1 px, 359 KB)

  1. When there are more than 25 noifications, the counter displays a strange logic - marking unseen notifications as 'read' and discarding them from the counting

(click to see the animated gif)

unseen_notifications_counter2.gif (722×1 px, 298 KB)