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tools-k8s-haproxy-2 NFS problems
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<Krenair> is there a problem with the disks / mounts on tools-k8s-haproxy-2 ?
<Krenair> just noticed df returned IO errors for NFS mounts when I ran it across a load of instances earlier, and it's hanging when I log in and run it myself
<Krenair> not sure why this instance even has NFS enabled if it's just haproxy
<Krenair> Jan  5 00:14:20 tools-k8s-haproxy-2 kernel: [5055850.525005] nfs: server not responding, timed out
<Krenair> Jan  5 00:14:20 tools-k8s-haproxy-2 kernel: [5055850.525013] nfs: server not responding, timed out
<Krenair> instance has existed since november so should have an IP that's allowed to connect
<bd808> probably not rebooted since the last round of nfs server outages
<bd808> it probably does not need nfs. I don't remember how we mark things in tools as not needing nfs but I know its possible
<Krenair> shall I leave a ticket for someone to take a look?
<bd808> sure. I bet j.ason or a.rturo can fix it up

I'd deal with it but I'm worried about breaking something, especially at this time. These can probably have NFS disabled?

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Maybe we just need to add mount_nfs: false to a tools-k8s-haproxy puppet prefix in horizon:

alex@alex-laptop:~/Development/Wikimedia/instance-puppet/tools (master)$ git grep -i mount_nfs:
tools-docker-builder.yaml:mount_nfs: false
tools-elastic.yaml:mount_nfs: false
tools-flannel-etcd.yaml:mount_nfs: false
tools-k8s-etcd.yaml:mount_nfs: false
tools-logs.yaml:mount_nfs: false
tools-prometheus.yaml:mount_nfs: false
tools-proxy.yaml:mount_nfs: false false
tools-redis.yaml:mount_nfs: false
alex@alex-laptop:~/Development/Wikimedia/instance-puppet/tools (master)$

I'm pretty sure these just need a reboot. They likely weren't rebooted after that openstack upgrade thing a while back when most things NFS connected ended up in that exact condition for those exact servers. That said, I like the idea of them NOT mounting NFS. They don't need it, and therefore shouldn't have it.

Overall, they will likely require editing the fstab and/or rebooting anyway even after the hiera change. I do think they should have that hiera change, though.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2020-01-06T18:47:01Z] <bstorm_> added mount_nfs=false to tools-k8s-haproxy puppet prefix T241908

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2020-01-06T18:49:09Z] <bstorm_> edited /etc/fstab to remove NFS and rebooted to clear stale mounts on tools-k8s-haproxy-2 T241908

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2020-01-06T18:54:44Z] <bstorm_> edited /etc/fstab to remove NFS and unmounted the nfs volumes tools-k8s-haproxy-1 T241908

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