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Page not altered despite 61 modifications
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When trying to analyze the article "THQ" with non-dead reference archival enabled, 61 links are allegedly rescued and modifications are detailed. However, no changes are performed on the article and the "Page title" link in the statistics section only links back to the article, not a diff of it.

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Harej added a subscriber: Cyberpower678.

@Cyberpower678 The problem was a blacklisted URL previously in the article. MediaWiki prevented me from saving the edit archiving the site (via IABot), cf. spam filter log. I removed the link by hand and was then able to archive several links. IABot should be able to notify the user that the edit was blocked by MediaWiki.

The issue can still be replicated with Jason Rubin, which contains a link to the same blacklisted site (cf. spam filter log).

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Addressed in v2.0.7