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Improve MediaWiki Action API Integration Tests
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Name: @Somebody
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Project: Improve MediaWiki Action API Integration Tests
Mentor: @daniel, @Clarakosi, @kchapman


  • Test Objectives

The integration test of the Action API should validate that the refactoring of MediaWiki will not break the API.

System integration tests helps validate the system operation as a whole and with other systems. At the conclusion of testing, the project team and the test team will have a high level of confidence without fear of breaking the API.

  • Scope of Testing

The Integration test of the Action API will include all tests related to the API Integration Tests.

  • System Overview

Mediawiki is the the wiki software that powers Wikimedia. MediaWiki helps you collect and organize knowledge and make it available to people. For more information, kindly visit Mediawiki

Project Task: T234284

Project Setup:

Follow instructions in


  1. Create 3 random pages with the same prefix
  2. Use API:PrefixSearch to search for pages with the prefix from part 1
    • Confirm that list includes the 3 pages from part 1
  1. Using a fixture (Alice or Bob) get user info (API:Userinfo) and record edit count
  2. Make 3 edits to a page
  3. Use API:Userinfo again and confirm the number of edits is greater than the one saved in part 1
  1. Use API:Userinfo and a fixture (Alice or Bob) to get the user’s options and record the editfont (should be default)
  2. Use API:Options to change the editfont from default to serif
  3. Confirm user’s editfont has been changed

Event Timeline

@Somebody Hi! As we are almost half-way through the internship period, I would encourage you to update your progress in a comment on both the proposal and the project task. Thank you :)

I have been able to write integration tests for the protect, edit and rollback actions as shown on the Project Page.

Hi! As the Outreachy Round 19 has ended, could you consider marking this task as resolved? If not, could you share what else is remaining?