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Technical exploration to support Section Translation workflow on mobile and desktop
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Section Translation involves multiple steps: selecting an article (T241590, T241591), picking a section (T241587), previewing the contents (T241589), translating, and continue with a new section after publishing (T241592). Unlike Content Translation, support for these steps will target both mobile and desktop platforms.

A new architecture (and maybe refactoring pieces of the current one) will be needed to facilitate the development of the different steps of this workflow. The purpose of this ticket is to (a) define the architecture needed to support the workflow described, and (b) identify and capture the refactorings needed in separate tickets. As a result, a new developer should have available the necessary building blocks to start the development of support for any of the workflow steps.

Result: summary document

This ticket is mainly focused on the workflow steps that are common for mobile and desktop. For the mobile translation editor, a specific technical exploration may be needed: T241712: Technical exploration to support Section Translation Editor on Mobile

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Change 564661 had a related patch set uploaded (by Santhosh; owner: Santhosh):
[mediawiki/extensions/ContentTranslation@master] WIP, Experiment: CX Dashboard in Vue

This ticket captures some considerations about responsive breakpoints that may be useful in this context: T188738: Revisit CSS breakpoints

As captured in the summary document the exploration has been able to cover different aspects that are essential for our tools, illustrating them in a partial reimplementation of the dashboard. This follow-up ticket will focus on completing the refactoring: T243583: CX Dashboard: refactor and prepare for section translation

Change 564661 abandoned by Santhosh:
WIP, Experiment: CX Dashboard in Vue

no longer relevant as we started implementation in T247499