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statement with mapping relation type qualifier should not violate single value constraint
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The "mapping relation type" qualifier (P4390) is used (mostly with values skos:exact, skos:broad, skos:narrow) to specify how the original statement is to be interpreted. Example Parkinsons disease:

Q11085 --> OMIM ID --> "168600"
                      mapping relation type --> narrow match
Q11085 --> OMIM ID --> "300557"
                      mapping relation type --> narrow match

These are not redundant or conflicting values so I don't expect a flag from the single value constraint, but I get one, which is wrong. Especially "narrow match" statements are coming mostly in multiples, but other cases are where one source specifies a qualifier, one not---this is not a contradiction, and should not be flagged.

Best would be with the single value constraint check to simply ignore statements having a "mapping relation type" qualifier.

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I believe this is something that should be discussed with other editors on the property, where this constraint is defined. It doesn't seem to be a software issue.


I see, thanks. I will discuss adding a complex single value constraint to relevant properties ("OMIM ID" mostly), removing the simple one at the same time.

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sorry, missed that it was already done.