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Python 2 to 3 support request
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Pywikibot is dropping Python 2 support soon. The framework is ready to use with Python 3 including all the scripts inside the scripts folder.

All bot owners are invited to merge to Python 3 too. If you need any help for your own scripts to migrate, ask here for support.

If you need more time for migrating you can still use pywikibot with an older release tag.
The last stable release for Python 2 is marked with tag python2.

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Xqt triaged this task as Medium priority.Jan 7 2020, 3:21 PM

We (rTSTW tool-stewardbots) use some bots that still depend on Python 2. It looks none of us knows how to code on Python properly to migrate to Python 3. Any help would be appreciated (cc: @Rxy and @Melos). Related: T216018.

@MarcoAurelio: I guess this is not related to pwb framework where we prepare dropping Py2 support. Anyway we should help to migrate the steward scripts.

Xqt removed Xqt as the assignee of this task.

I want to work on this!

Wait until a subtask is created but you may work on T257399 if you want

Xqt claimed this task.

Closing after a Long time without any request. Feel free to reopen it if you need any help.