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Suggested Edits analytics not working in 2.7.50308
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I was going to demonstrate to Shay how the suggested items & taps on them are counted in the suggested edits analytics, but after I exited the SE screen (running DevDebug build), only FeedFunnel events were present in logcat. I tried it a few more times but there was nothing from SuggestedEditsFunnel in logcat.

I checked the events in the database and we have 1 event from 2.7.50308-beta-2020-01-06 and that singular event has "source":"suggestedEdits", so clearly something is not working as intended. (Side note: how does one arrive at a Suggested Edits screen from another Suggested Edits screen?)

Stack trace

Nothing from SuggestedEditsFunnel

Environments observed

App version: 2.7.50308-beta-2020-01-06