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Back functionality (re-colouring published tags)
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sev4-34-back-behavior.png (1×720 px, 745 KB)
  1. This is the state after swiping right or tapping the right arrow to go navigate to the previous image. When tapping an unpublished/rejected tag (Sky, Steel, Architecture) or rejecting one of the previously accepted tags, the publish button is enabled again. Disclaimer / technical constraint: back functionality is currently not available on server side – it needs to be built on client side.
    • If “back“ functionality is technically feasible (investigated in T240475), we’ll try out publishing in one step and observe contribution quality.
    • If “back“ functionality is not supported, we think that an additional step (review screen) might help to increase contribution quality (Details: T239691#5773829).

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Current status of the back functionality is discussed in T240196#5865593.

06) What’s the current status on the back functionality? My understanding per our last conversation (@Dbrant) is, that it won’t be possible, correct? However, we discussed to incorporate back anyway to let users see their contributions. Currently it’s possible to de-select (green) tags in a previously published set of tags. We should disable that functionality in order to not confuse users. In short:

  • It should not be possible to de-select green tags
  • Remove legal copy from this view

Moving this to QA signoff.