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Create UI for DS to add new resolvable names
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@MBeat33 I just deployed this as I showed you today. I created a match for Barb & Barbara & then did a dedupe specifically on first_name = Barb. About 2/3 of the ones that came up I was able to merge with 'safe merge'.

Things I noticed

  1. Saving Barb/ Barbara is not applying to barb/barbara - resolving this might address
  2. there is something funny with the paging going on (no phab yet)
  3. the batch merge button kinda times out on the deduper screen (no phab yet)
  4. we might think about setting the deduper back to the start of the DB to work it's way through now it's picking up a lot more
DStrine closed this task as Resolved.Feb 18 2020, 9:11 PM