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Suggest that Europeana to link Wikicommons category for a person / Europeana Agent
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Suggestion: That Europeana change the linking to the Wikicommon Category that represent the person and not the Wikicommon page for used picture see exampel below

In Wikidata we have today same as Europeana Entity Property 7704 and also a reference to Wikicommons.

Europena reference today WIkicommons and Wikicommons reference today Europeana if the template {{Wikidata Infobox}} is used

Easiest to find the WIkicommon category for the person is to ask Wikidata :

Find all objects with property 7704 that have a common category defined

SELECT ?item ?EuropeanaEntity ?commons WHERE {
#  VALUES ?item {wd:Q7724}
  ?item wdt:P7704 ?EuropeanaEntity.
  ?commons schema:about ?item;
    schema:isPartOf <>.

link query

image.png (568×2 px, 175 KB)

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