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Does not show content in the Wikipedia App for old android
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Due to "Disable TLSv1.0/1.1" Wikipedia App does not show content and does not show a warning. But this app can be downloaded in Google Play for e.g. Android 4.0.3. On the same Android 4.0.3 from Google Play you can download the latest version of Google Chrome and opens show content as usual in this browser (but it does not open in other browsers - show /sec-warning). Is it possible to make Wikipedia open in the Wikipedia App just like it opens in Google Chrome browser or display a message about the need to update or remove the application from Google Play for <4.4 versions of android.

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Thanks; I have deactivated the old unsupported APKs that were still using TLS 1.0, so they should no longer be served by the Play Store to ancient devices. (It may take a while to propagate through the Play Store.)

@Sunpriat2 Maybe, but we have no plans to support versions of Android which Google itself has stopped supporting years ago.