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Some characters are lost in title and search snippet highlights
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Certain characters[1] are lost when highlighted in titles and text snippets.

To reproduce, search for [[ | intitle:/[๐”€-๐”™†]/ anatolian ]] on English Wiktionary.

The three results are ๐”ฑ๐”•ฌ๐”—ฌ๐”‘ฐ๐”–ฑ, ๐”–ช๐”–ฑ๐”–ช, and ๐”‘ฎ๐”“๐”—ต๐”—ฌ. However, they are displayed as ๐”–ฑ, ๐”–ช, and ๐”—ฌ; see screenshot:

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 3.50.49 PM.png (1ร—1 px, 187 KB)

Looking at the underlying HTML, the title of the first result (๐”–ฑ) contains several empty searchmatch spans: <span class="searchmatch"></span><span class="searchmatch"></span><span class="searchmatch"></span><span class="searchmatch"></span><span class="searchmatch">๐”–ฑ</span>

I think this may have something to do with the characters being lost during tokenization (or being the kinds of characters that are lost during tokenizationโ€”maybe they are treated as punctuation?). If you search for ๐”‘ฎ๐”“๐”—ต๐”—ฌ (no quotes), the only hit is the exact title match. Searching for "๐”‘ฎ๐”“๐”—ต๐”—ฌ" (with quotes) gives zero results. I verified that the English text analyzer returns no tokens for the string ๐”‘ฎ๐”“๐”—ต๐”—ฌ.

Another example: [[ | insource:/[๐”€-๐”™†]/ anatolian ]] restricted to the Module namespace gives a snippet with this:

canonicalName = "Anatolian Hieroglyphs", characters = "-",

characters = "-" is characters = "๐”€-๐”™†" in the original. The underlying HTML is &quot;<span class="searchmatch"></span>-<span class="searchmatch"></span>&quot;, again with empty searchmatch spans.

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[1] I first discovered this when looking into T237332, so the examples so far are Anatolian Hieroglyphs, though other characters may be affected.

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