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Can we suppress Reply links if the signature is from a bot?
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I'm not really going to get a useful reply from ClueBot, so maybe there shouldn't be a Reply button there?

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This seems similar to T245772 in so far as both tickets are "asking" the comment parser to consider the context a signature appears within when deciding whether to show a reply link or not.


  • @matmarex do you think the above is accurate?

I ask the above wondering if there is a larger conversation for us to have about how we envision the parser improving over time.

Kind of similar… I'm not sure if hiding the "Reply" link would be a more intuitive behavior than treating the comment like any other.

Also, should ClueBot even be signing its posts? Maybe that's the real bug here. In T245692 we've decided that we won't show "Reply" links for posts with a timestamp but no link to the user page/talk.

Or maybe we should have a notice above the textfield when replying, if you're replying to a bot. "This message was automatically generated and you probably won't receive a reply to your comment."