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API: include time in siteinfo
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Author: matthew.britton

patch against r61408

Knowing the server time is useful for a number of reasons; the particular reason in my case is to approximate the time difference between client and server and so get a rough estimate of the timestamp on incoming IRC RC feed items, as the feed itself doesn't provide this.

Currently, it is possible to get the server time through the API by using action=parse&text={{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}. However, this is a bit awkward, and involves an extra request as 'parse' and 'query' actions can't be combined.

The attached patch adds a 'time' attribute to the output of meta=siteinfo, in the format used for timestamps elsewhere in the API.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement

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matthew.britton wrote:

patch against r61408

apparently this new version of bugzilla doesn't recognize patches as such in the same way as the old. should work this time.



Thanks Gurch, why don't you apply for commit access? You've got a fairly decent history of patches (bar that one that file sorts, and besides, no one is perfect ;))