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ulsfo doesn't have any rack group set in Netbox
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We use rack groups to represent rows, and they are defined for all DCs except ulsfo. I think we should add them too.

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I was pinged by Mortiz about this today and I went ahead and created the row 'ulsfo row 1' similar to the setup for eqsin row 1 (another 2 rack site). The two ulsfo racks now have that rack group set.

@Volans, out of curiosity, why was this required? Note that the concept of "rows" doesn't apply in this site, it's just two racks next to each other :)

@faidon: I mainly opened this because was the only DC without a rack group, even the network PoPs have one and use the name of the DC raw, not just 1, see

The reason why I noticed is for the new Ganeti clusters in our PoPs, as both spicerack and the makevm cookbook have to know the Ganeti cluster name and for both the other DCs we have called them row_$NAME.
It's ok if we don't want to use rack groups in PoPs and use a standard name for the Ganeti cluster, we can just amend the cookbook to act accordingly.

Volans closed this task as Resolved.Jan 15 2020, 3:39 PM
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As per IRC chat it's ok as is, resolving.