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Allow a user to be blocked from editing subpages
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T202776 set a page limit on partial blocks of 10 pages.

In many cases, it may be more effective to block editing subpages than specific pages.

Currently, partial blocks are not able to be used effectively for enforcing a editing restriction/topic ban.

For instance, user Example has been sanctioned from participating in the AfD process. ExampleAdmin enforce the topic ban by blocking Wikipedia:Articles for deletion (AfDs cannot be listed), but subpages of WP:AFD can still be edited. Ability to block Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/* (with or without prefix) is requested.

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Cascading pblocks to subpages would also be useful for preventing hat-collecting edits to all the Wikipedia:Requests for permissions pages with just 1 pblock rather than blocking each request page individually, which achieves only a partial restriction and uses all the available pblocks on one task.

Instead of "subpages" would a more general allowing of title-blocks to be a regex be a better solution?