Search for media not in category (similar to Mayflower Search)
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Author: test5555

With Mayflower search, there was the possibility to search for a term and exclude all files in a category. This helped when categorizing images at Commons.


"Tree -Category:Trees" (broken)

It would be nice if this was possible with the standard search at Commons (possibly with Lucene).

*Mayflower search hasn't been updated and is broken for some time.
*A current workaround is to compare the list of results from search with the list from categories.
*[[Bugzilla:21317]] might be related to this.

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"Tree -incategory:Trees"

However, this has limitations, most notably it searches only the category itself, not the whole subcategory tree (therefore it does not do anything useful in this specific example; try e.g. But that would be (AFAICT/IMHO) practically an impossible task to do, anyway.

test5555 wrote:

Thanks. It seems to work when using
"Su-22" -incategory:"Sukhoi Su-22"
instead of
Su-22 -incategory:"Sukhoi Su-22"

Obviously, sometimes subcategories should be checked too, but I don't think Mayflower did that either. One had to list each one separately.

test5555 wrote:

/Search result page format/

(1) To avoid that I forget about this, when searching for "Su-22", it might help
if there was a link next the categories to exclude
results from this category,
e.g. next to the category "Sukhoi Su-22", the link would search for
"Su-22" -incategory:"Sukhoi Su-22"

The link could be titled something like "exclude results from this category".

(2) This might even work recursively. When continuing with
"Su-22" -incategory:"Sukhoi Su-22"
one could exlude further categories that get listed.

[Merging "MediaWiki extensions/Lucene Search" into "Wikimedia/lucene-search2", see bug 46542. You can filter bugmail for: search-component-merge-20130326 ]

This CirrusSearch query on Commons supports this behaviour:

As we're in the process of migrating from Lucene to CirrusSearch, I'm marking this bug as RESOLVED WONTFIX.

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